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The purpose of  FpgaCenter.com is to give information about FPGAs which is the technology of future and make it spread. You will find detailed explanations from beginning to advanced level related to FPGA.



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For the source code click here
For the source code click here

About The FPGA   

FPGAs are digital circuits that consist of logical blocks and programmable interconnections between these blocks.

Because of its parallel processing capability and elasticity for design, FPGA is commonly used at the present day. Decrease in the prices depending on the usage, increase in capacities of FPGA’s related with the developing technology, advanced design software which gives convenience to the user and attainability of the example applications  are the main reasons of  FPGA’s popularity last years.

Defense industry, digital signal processing, medical imaging, automotive are only the few ones of applications on FPGA technology.

To program the FPGA’s, Hardware description Languages (HDL) are used. VHDL and Verilog are the most common HDL’s  today.

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