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Create A New Project In ISE Software

Open the Xilinx ISE program by double-clicking the desktop icon or selecting Start > All Programs > Xilinx ISE >Project Navigator

Select  File > New Project from the menu bar. This brings the New Project Wizard dialogue box.

In the New Project Wizard-Create New Projectpage, type the project name in Project name part then determine the location where the project will be saved and choose HDL in Top-level source type .  Then click Next.

In the Project Properties page, choose the device family that corresponds to the device on the development board you are using. If you don't have any board, you can choose any one of them. (We entered Xilinx device properties and choose VHDL in Preferred Language part.) Then click OK.

Note: In Simulator field, select ModelSim-SE VHDL. Because the design will be simulated in ModelSim Software in this tutorial.

Click Next, Next then Finish in the New Source Wizard - Project Summary dialog box to complete the new project.

Now you can write down VHDL source of Comparator for your design.

Test Bench                                                                                                                                     Vhdl_Code


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