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Add the software to the System

Run Libgen by  Selectin Software> Generate Libraries and BSPs from tools menu. xparameters.h file is created.

Note: Libgen generates libraries and drivers for the project.

Double Click "Generated Header microblaze_0/include/xparameters.h" and open the xparameters.h .

xparameters.h  file includes the information of teh cores used in the project.

Selact Application Tab. Click "+" sign next to Project:TestApp_Memory to expand the group. Double Click the .c extention file under Source title. A c  file appears. Write your own C program in this file and save it.

Compile the Design

Select Hardware > Generate Netlist from tools menu. This generates the system netlist.

Select Hardware > Generate Bitstream from tools menu to generate the bitstream .

Configure the FPGA

Select Device Configuration > Download Bitstream to download the bitstream in the FPGA.



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