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Cerate A New Project Using Base System Builder (Page 1)

Open the Xilinx Platform Studio by selecting Start > Xilinx Ise Design Suite > EDK > Xilinx Platform Studio

When Xilinx Platform Studio is opened, Xilinx Platform Studio dialog box appears automatically. If not , select opens File > New Project.

Select Base System Builder wizardin Xilinx Platform Studio dialog box and click OK.

NOTE: Base System Builder wizard helps you to create a processor system.

In the dialog Box click Browse button.

In Dialog Box select the location where the project wil be stored and enter a name with .xmp extention then click Save and then OK.

Select "I would like to create a new design" in Base System Builder dialog box and click Next.

In the dialog Box select "I would like to create a system for custom board" and click Next.

NOTE: If you have a Xilinx  Board  , you can select "I would like to create a system for the following development board" option

Enter the FPGA information which will be used and cilck Next.

In Configure MicroBlaze Processor dialog box fill all fields as shown below then click Next.



Test Bench                                                                                                                                     Vhdl_Code


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