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Cerate A New Project Using Base System Builder (Page 2)

Click Add Device button in Configure IO Interfaces dialog box.

Select GPIO in IO interface Type field, LEDS in Device field in Add Device dialog box and then click OK.

Select 8 in GPIO Data Width and click Next.

Note: With the above two processes you defines 8 bit output which drives the Leds on the board.

In dialog box click Next .

Click Next all the dialog box until System Created dialog box.

System Created dialog box gives a summary of creating system. Check those information and click generate.

Click Finish to complete the creation of design.

Congratulation You have completed the soft processor system.

Note: Notice that we defined only led as GPIO above. But according to the C program there sould be another GPIO for button. We could add a GPIO to the system for button using Base System Builder like leds. But In this project we add GPIO of button after creation of project. So that you will learn how to add a new IP to system after creation.


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