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Create A Nios II Processor System Using SOPC Builder

Open Quartus II and create a new project. Then add a Block Diagram/ Schematic file into the project.

How to create a new project in Quartus II, see  My First Quartus

Select Tools > SOPC Builder from menu bar

In Create New System dialog box type a name in the System Name field and tick VHDL in Target HDL. Click OK.

Type a clock name and enter the clock frequency in Clock Settings field.

In System Contents Tab click "+" next to On-Chip to expand and double click on On-Chip Memory(RAM or ROM)

In the dialog box enter 40 KBytes in Total Memory size field and leave the default values in the remaining fields as shown below. Clic Ok.

In System Contents Tab double click on Nios II Processor.

In Nios II Processor dialog box Fill in the properties as shown below and click Finish.

In System Contents Tab click "+" next to serial to expand and double click on JTAG UART

Fill in the properties as shown below and click Finish.

Double click PIO (Paralel I/O) under peripharals in System Contents Tab. In PIO (Paralel I/O) dialog box fill in the properties as shown below. Then click Finish.

Note:This PIO Core is for LEDs. So it should be output port.

In Right Window select the pio_o by left click. Then right click and select the Rename from pop up menu. Type a meaningful name to the pio. (This name is used in software program)

Add another PIO core for the button. This PIO should be input and has 1 bit width.Then rename the pio as button.

After completing , SOPC Builder window will look like the following

Select System> Auto-Assign Base Addresses from menu bar.

Select System > Auto-Assign IRQs

In the SOPC Builder window Click on Next or click the System Generation Tab to open the Generating System Page and click Generate. This process will generate all VHDL codes and a symbol of soft processor. Additionally a PFT file is created for Nios Software.

After generation process is completed click on Exit and return Ouartus II.

In Block Diagram/ Schematic file click on Symbol Tool .Symbol dialog box appears.

In Symbol dialog box click "+" next to project expand. And select processor by right click and click Ok.

Place the processor symbol into Block Diagram/ Schematic file. Make all pin placement and connection as shown below. Click on  from tools bar to compile the design.

Download the program to FPGA

Select Tools>Programmer to open the programmer window

Most modules are licensed for use in SOPC builder. So without license you can use these modules just as constrained
In this project FPGA Board must be maintained the connection with PC. When you break the connection, FPGA does not work.

In programmer window  select program file and click on start .

You have completed hardware program of this design. Now you can create the software program in NIOS software.

Test Bench                                                                                                                                     Vhdl_Code


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