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Project Definition

In this tutorial, we write data to the 16 x2 character LCD. Our tutorial consists of three parts. In first part, we create the project code with VHDL. In second part we create the project with C in Xilinx EDK

We will use ISE Design Suit 14.2 as compiler. We carried out all projects in this tutorial on the Spartan 3E-1600 Development Board

Before begin the project, let’s take a quick look at character LCD and its commands.

Dot Matrix Character LCD

The most widely used character LCDs are the ones that include the Hitachi HD44780 LCD controller. Character LCDs generally include 14 pins as a contact interface. In addition to these pins, LCDs also have 2 extra pins for backlight power supply terminals. The pinout and pin description  is as follows:

Lcd Pins

Before sending data to be displayed on  the LCD screen we should send some commands to prepare the LCD for displaying


Abbreviations Description

Initial Setting Commands
Function Settings

Display Clear/Reset

Input Mode Commands

Display ON/OFF and Cursor Commands

Display/Cursor Shift Commands



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