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ChipScope Pro ILA Core Settings - Page 1

Before starting the Core settings, we must genarate Netlis. To do so , you should synthesize the design.

Click "+" sign next to project to expand the group. And double-click the .cdc file. ChipScope Pro Core Inserter dialog box apperars.

In ChipScope Pro Core Inserter dialog box ,select Edit > New ILA Unit.

Select the U0:ILA in the left pane by clicking on it. And then select Trigger Parameters in the right pane. In this part we will define trigger parameters. Since there is only one trigger signal in this example, enter "1" in Number of Input Trigger Ports field. And then enter "1" in Trigger Width. This shows that the trigger signal is a 1 bit signal.

Then select Capture Parameters.

In Capture Parameters we will define which signals will be captured.
First untick Data Same As Trigger so that captured signals aren't the trigger signals. Because we will capture the counter signals we enter "8" in Data Width field. And then we should determine how many samples will be taken in one application. So enter a sample number in Data Depth field. We will take 512 samples in this example.

Then select Net Connection.


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