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Create a Project Then Simulate

Open Tina software.

Click File> New and create a schematic file.

Save the schematic file to your project folder in computer.

Click Tools>New Macro Wizard. With this process, we'll convert any VHDL code into TINA macro model.

Note: In order to include a VHDL file into TINA program, macros are needed. TINA's Macro Wizard converts VHDL files into macros.

In the New Macro Wizard window

Write a name in the Name part.
Untick the check box that has a label "Current circuit"

Click button in the content part .

NOTE: You can define the shape of your macro as you desire by unticking Auto-generated part. But in this project we'll use default macro shape of Tina software.

In Open Schematic window, choose VHDL file in Files of type part. Find counter. vhd file (the file name we wrote in the previous step) and click Open.

In New Macro Wizard click OK and save the macro to your computer.

Note: A macro file has TSM file extention.

Now we can add a new macro in the schematic file.

Click Insert> Macro.

In the Insert Macro window, find the macro file then click Open.

Place the macro named "counter" in the Schematic Editor.

Now let's add a clock and LCD display in our schematic.

Select clock in Sources part  and place the clock in the Schematic Editor.

Select "LCD Display" in Meters part and place LCD Display.

Make all connections between components.

We have successfully completed the project. Now it's time to simulate it.

Click Interactive>VHDL in the menu bar.

In Tool Bar, click Interactive Mode On/Off button.



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