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Create a New Project

In this part we will create a new TINA project in order to simulate of our VHDL code. Also we will produce a macro of VHDL code and include this macro to TINA project.

Note: In order to include a VHDL file into TINA program, macros are needed. TINA's Macro Wizard converts VHDL files into macros.

Let's start.

Open TINA Software.

Click File> New and create a schematic file.

Save the schematic file to your project folder in computer.

Click Tools>New Macro Wizard. With this process, we'll convert any VHDL code into TINA macro model.

In the New Macro Wizard window

Write a name in the Name part.
Untick the check box that has a label "Current circuit"

Click button in the content part.

In Open Schematic window, choose VHDL file in Files of type part. Find counter_2. vhd file (the file name we wrote in the previous step) and click Open.

In New Macro Wizard click OK and save the macro to your computer.

Note: A macro file has TSM file extention.

Now now we can place this macro and necessary components in the schematic file.

Test Bench                                                                                                                                     Vhdl_Code


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