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Project Definition

In this project, we will design a counter module that counts from "0" to "9".  We will use a seven segment display for monitoring the counter and then simulate the project with Tina Software.

Due to the constraints in Tina, we don't define the output of module as a vector. Instead, we will define 7 separate outputs. We won't apply any time-delay on the VHDL Code during simulation with Tina.

Note: But in real applications we must exert  a delay in the VHDL Code. Otherwise we can't percieve the changes on seven segment  display.

In Tina we will use common anode seven segment display. This means that when '0' is applied to the LEDs, they become "ON" , else the LEDs become "OFF".

Before begining the project let's take a quick look at the seven segment.



Seven segment  comprises of seven individual LEDs. One terminal of all LEDs are connected together into a common lead, while the other terminal of each LED is individually available.

There are two types of seven segment display





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