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As stated in previous pages, the fastest and the most efficient way of designing a logic IC is using hardware description languages. Note that, we have used VHDL as a hardware description language in order to program the FPGA in every examples in this web site.

In order to make the description of the structure of a design, the  designer can code the design in terms of VHDL code . Then this code can be synthesized using synthesis tools.  The synthesized circuit is stored in a netlist database.

In this section, you will learn the coding rules and methods of VHDL while designing. ┬áAll subjects are supported with examples for easy understanding. VHDL dictionary section ┬áis actually a detailed explanation of ÔÇťIEEE Standard VHDL Language Reference ManualÔÇŁ document which consist of VHDL language standards.





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