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This expression is similar to Assert expresison. It is used to show a message to user with the purpose of helping during debugging. The difference from the assert expresison is to use a conditionional statement for the message.

report string;
report string severity severity_level;



while COUNTER <= 120 loop
  if COUNTER>88
    then report "COUNT is over 88.. ";
  end if;
  . . .
end loop;

Loopa bak覺lmaks覺z覺n SAYAC deeri 88den b羹y羹k olunca "Sayac 88'i gecti... " mesaj覺 yay覺nlan覺r. Severity ifadesi kullan覺lmam覺t覺r 癟羹nk羹 se癟ilen seviye (NOTE) varsay覺lan deerle ayn覺d覺r.

"COUNT is over 88.. " is mesasge is shown as soon as the counter value become greater then 88. Severity expression is not used in this example since we want to use the default level (NOTE).








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